Porta Marina Luxury Suites
In Naxos Town


Porta Marina is located in the traditional part of Naxos Town, "Bourgos", on the coastal zone overlooking the port and the most photographed attraction of Naxos Island, the impressive "Portara", at the northern end of the port. Portara is the massive marble temple gate of the 6th century BC, built in honor of the god Apollo, and at sunset you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Aegean
Privileged Location

Porta Marina is an ideal place for your holiday or short stay as it is located right next to the old market, the main taxi station and the bus terminal, very close walking distance to Saint George Beach and all the important attractions of the town such as the Metropolis with the On-Site Archaeological Museum, Panagia Myrtidiotissa (a picturesque church built on an islet), Portara, the Venetian Castle with the Catholic Metropolis, the Catholic episcopal palace, the Ursuline Monastery, the former the Ursuline school which today houses the historical archive and the cultural center of the Municipality of Naxos, the Casatza Chapel, the Commercial School which Nikos Kazantzakis attended for a year and today houses the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, the Crispi Tower which houses the Byzantine Museum.

All Town Amenities just Minutes Away
  • Restaurants - 1 min
  • Coffee & Snacks - 1 min
  • Buses & Taxis - 1 min
  • Bars - 2 min
  • Shops - 1 min
  • Cash point machine - 1 min
  • Vinci Beach - 2 min
  • Sea - 2 min
  • Mini market - 2 min
The Perfect Location
Port of Naxos, 84300 Naxos Town, Cyclades, Greece

Naxos Town (Hora)

Naxos Town, the capital and port of the Island, is a fine and lovely Cycladic town, with twisting narrow streets, alleys and passages originally intended to confuse invading marauders.
Back in Time

Despite the lack of a natural port, the city flourished since the Cycladic and Mycenaean period. Apart from the temple of Apollo on the islet of "Palatia" (the Palaces), with the "Portara", on the northern side, extensive traces of the archaic and Mycenaean city have been found.

Built on a low hill next to the sea, the Castle of Naxos Town clearly distinguishes the dense medieval structure of the settlement with the Castle above.

The current form of the Castle and the other fortified neighborhoods was gradually shaped from 1211 onwards, with the occupation of the city by the Venetians under Marco Sanoudos and the creation of the Duchy of the Aegean with Naxos as its capital.


The medieval parts of Chora are an archetypal example of the defensive architecture of the Aegean. The outer houses, with fewer openings and reinforced construction, form the wall. This organization is clearly visible in the Castle which had two gates (today there is a third entrance), perimeter organization with a central tower, where the small square with the Catholic church, the Catholic episcopal palace, the Ursuline school, the Casatza Chapel and the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.

The "Bourgos" on the north side below the Castle has a similar organization with three entrance gates, the "Porta Gialos" towards the coast, the "Fontana" to the north with the large well of drinking water, the "Profiti Elias" to the south next to the so named church and later a fourth gate in Agios Ioannis at the port, the "Porta Marina".


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